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Aaron Paul: Emmy-Award Winning Actor / Master of Schtick

I don’t feel comfortable saying that I’ve actually become friends friends with the people I’ve interviewed, because then it transitions into this weird thing where you can’t necessarily ask them all the questions you want to ask them because you … Continue reading

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Turn Off the TV, Pick Up a Book: Rock of Pages

Of all the features that I’ve spearheaded for Bullz-Eye over the years, none has given me quite as much pleasure as “Rock of Pages: 45 Books for the Literate Music Fan.” When I first started with Bullz-Eye, I was doing … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Long Ago: Judd Apatow

To determine just how long ago I interviewed Judd Apatow, you need only look at the opening line of the intro, where it is suggested that he “might not be a household name.” And in fairness, at the time we … Continue reading

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Turn Off the TV, Turn Up the Music: Billy Bragg

Last week, I participated in an AV Club Inventory called “The Hits Keep Coming: 30 Songs Inspired by Domestic Abuse,” where, in addition to chiming in with a bit about Tracy Chapman’s harrowing “Behind the Wall,” I was proud to … Continue reading

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New at the AV Club – Random Roles: Peter Gallagher

We were supposed to chat at 9 AM EST. Unfortunately, no one told this to Peter Gallagher, who believed we were to be chatting at 9 AM PST, so while I’m anxiously awaiting his call, he’s still snoring away. When … Continue reading

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