366 for 2016: Day 7 – The Bats, “Dancing as the Boat Goes Down”

batsfearofgodPicture it: Norfolk, Virginia, September 30, 1993. The late, great concert venue known as the Boathouse. The headliner: Belly, riding high on the success of the #1 Modern Rock hit, “Feed the Tree.” Preceding them on the bill: a group of young upstarts from the UK who seemed destined to turn into a one-hit wonder, but as it turned out, the hit in question – “Creep” – was only the start of what would turn into a remarkably successful career for Radiohead. How could we have known, though? At the time, there was just as much chance that college kids were only interested in them because of the novelty of Thom Yorke dropping the F-bomb in the unedited version of “Creep.”

What’s often forgotten about this outstanding double bill, however, that it was actually a triple-bill.

The Bats were one of the greatest – and jangliest – New Zealand pop bands of the late ’80s and early ’90s, and although they’ve taken the occasional hiatus now and again, they’re currently still a going concern. This track, however, isĀ  from their 1991 album, Fear of God, which found an American home on Mammoth Records, and it was my gateway drug into their catalog, so if you like what you hear, trust me when I tell you that you’ll want to dig deeper into it.

To purchase a copy of Fear of God, click right here!

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