366 for 2016: Day 9 – The Gravelberrys, “Wonder Where You Are Tonight”

One of the greatest moments in my music-loving life was the day I discovered Not Lame Records. I’m not talking about the label, although lord knows that Bruce Brodeen put out some highly-recommended power pop under that particular banner. No, I’m referring to the mail order company, which was also an endeavor of Mr. Brodeen’s and which helped introduce me to more new music that I can begin to list. Whenever a new Not Lame catalog came out, it was the equivalent of getting the Sears Wish Book: I’d read it from cover to cover, studying all of the entries, circling the artists that seemed most in my wheelhouse and then buying their albums as my income allowed. Given that I was still single and without child at the time I discovered Not Lame, suffice it to say that I bought a fair amount and at a pretty rapid clip.

God, I miss those days. I can just about still remember what it was like to have disposable income…

Anyway, one of the first things I bought from Not Lame was a copy of The Gravelberrys’ Bowl of Globes, mostly because I all but jumped up and down at the realization that it even existed. I’d discovered a song by the band called “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Daydream” on a two-disc compilation of indie Canadian bands that I’d stumbled upon a local record store, and it was love at first listen, but I couldn’t for the life of me find a full-length release by them. (This was when I didn’t have my own computer and only rarely had access to anyone else’s.) When I spotted it in the Not Lame catalog, I ordered it immediately, and I was thrilled to find that it was just as poppy and catchy as my first exposure to the band.

a1311631888_10Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to become virtual acquaintances with the band’s frontman and songwriter, Paul Myers, who – in addition to maintaining a career as a highly accomplished writer – has continued his recording career under various guises as well, both solo and with other folks. For example, The Paul and John, his duo with John Moremen, have a great album called Inner Sunset that’s well worth your time and money. (You can pick up a copy by clicking right here.) But I cannot tell a lie: whenever I see or hear his name, the first thing I think of is The Gravelberrys, and when I think of The Gravelberrys, I think of this song, which kicks off Bowl of Globes. If this is your first time hearing it, it won’t take you long to realize why I loved it immediately. Hopefully it’ll have the same effect on you, too.

To pick up a copy of The Gravelberrys’ Bowl of Globes, click right here!

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