Confirmed: Campbell Scott loves Jennifer Beals, too


If you frequent the Onion A.V. Club and thrill to the latest installment of the site’s ongoing feature known as Random Roles, then you probably caught my interview with Jennifer Beals, which went live on Monday. During the course of our conversation, Ms. Beals made a couple of comments about the general wonderfulness of Campbell Scott, with whom she’s worked in films on four occasions to date, and one of them made me laugh to the point where I knew that I was going to have to send Mr. Scott an email to get his reaction to it.

The first comment occurred during her discussion of Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle, during which she explained how she first “started worshiping Campbell Scott.”

“It started on my first day of work, practically. I was doing a scene with Campbell and Jennifer and Andrew McCarthy – we did the scene a few times, and then we did a take – and it felt like I went up on my line. It felt like forever. And then I came back in, and Alan called ‘cut,’ and he was, like, ‘Okay, we’re ready to move on.’ And I was ready to kill myself. I’ll never forget: I walked into a corner and just stared at where the lines met in the corner and just tried to hang onto reality, because I just felt so embarrassed. And I heard Campbell say, ‘Alan, I think I need another take.’ And Alan’s, like, ‘No, that was a great take for everybody.’ And he said, ‘No, I think I need another take. Can I get another take?’ And so Alan said, ‘Sure.’ And I looked at Campbell, and I said [Skeptically.] ‘You don’t need another take.’ And he said, ‘Yes. Yes, I do.’ And I knew he was just being incredibly kind. And I was, like, ‘And I now officially love you forever and will do whatever you say.’ So now when Campbell calls me up to do a movie, I’m, like, ‘Yes, I will. Always.’ So we did Rodger Dodger together, and we just did Manhattan Nocturne together, and we also did another one called Let It Be Me.”

The second comment came in the midst of our subsequent discussion of Roger Dodger, and it includes the line that led me to send that email in Mr. Scott’s direction. (Not that you need me to identify it for you, but it was the final sentence that did it.)

“Well, that was just one of those experiences where Campbell called up and said, “I have this script, and there’s this part in it that I think you’d be great for.” I think Mary Louise Parker was doing the other part at the time. But I read it, and I thought… Well, I was going to say ‘yes’ anyway, because it’s Campbell. I mean, really, unless it’s some kind of animal pornography, then that’s kind of probably where I’d draw the line.”

41076819_deta_3Earlier today, I received a response back from Mr. Scott, and since the Random Roles piece has obviously already gone live, I figured I’d go ahead and share it here, because it’s too entertaining to keep to myself:

Dear Will, 

Hope all is well.  Both quotes from J Beals made me laugh and of course remind me (us) of how truly smart and funny she is.  The story about Mrs. Parker I really don’t remember but if Jennifer wants to award me with those qualities I’m too elderly and needy to refuse

As far as animal pornography goes, let it be known that in fact I have called Jennifer more than once over the years to inquire about her interest in some really lovely animal/human stories – I wouldn’t call them pornography, but certainly the cross species relationships were tastefully intimate – and on all occasions she neglected to contact me back. WTF?  How about some artistic courage, J.?

Seriously though, there are of course, over the 30 years I’ve been doing this, those amazing actors you must keep going back to  – because of their talent, but also because they have a special core, of humor, of humanity, of true beauty – that’s Jennifer.

all the best, 



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