“Daddy, What’s a Video?” – Your Favorite Trainwreck, “The Brilliance”

It’s been said that everyone has a twin. A doppelganger, if you will. I’m not going to insult Robbie Rist by suggesting that we fill that role for each other, but I will say that I once showed this picture to a co-worker…

…and when I pointed to Mr. Rist and dropped the name of his most famous / infamous TV character, the co-worker – who clearly wasn’t as familiar with the final season of The Brady Bunch as she should’ve been – replied, “Oh, you didn’t have to tell me he was your cousin. I would’ve known you were related just to look at him!”

True story. Sorry, Robbie.

Anyway, Mr. Rist dropped me a line the other day to hip me to his latest musical endeavor (believe me, he’s got a lot of ’em), and the video for their latest song. The band is called Your Favorite Trainwreck, the track is called “The Brilliance,” and…well, here’s what they had to say about the song on their website:

“‘The Brilliance’ is less a political song than a story about a rich kid who became the most powerful man in the world– not for his steadfast righteousness, conviction, education or drive, but simply because he was next in line to inherit the throne. Maybe he didn’t want to take this path. Maybe he didn’t think he had a choice. Whether he wanted it or not, entitlement and privilege was his free pass to get away with some pretty questionable behavior. It’s interesting what people will excuse or overlook for some, while they scrutinize and vilify others for insignificant or even imaginary reasons. They say that rock and roll is supposed to be dangerous. But it can never be as dangerous as politics.”

What’s that? You say you want to hear it? And you want to see the video, too? My God, you ask for a lot. But since you asked nicely…

Good stuff, right? Yeah, Mr. Rist has a pretty good track record when it comes to aligning himself with singers and musicians. If you’d like to read a bit more about his life and times, check out the interview I did with him for Popdose, first about his late, great band Wonderboy and their album Napoleon Blown Apart, then about the rest of his career as an actor and musician. The guy’s got a lot to say, and it makes for an imminently readable interview. I swear, I’m going to help him write his life story one of these days…

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