Aaron Paul: Emmy-Award Winning Actor / Master of Schtick

I don’t feel comfortable saying that I’ve actually become friends friends with the people I’ve interviewed, because then it transitions into this weird thing where you can’t necessarily ask them all the questions you want to ask them because you don’t want to hurt their feelings and all that kind of stuff. I will say, however, that Aaron Paul and I have reached a point where…

A) he recognizes me when he sees me
B) he seems to actually enjoy being interviewed by me (although the guy did win an Emmy for his acting, so I’m still not entirely confident about this one)
C) he’s accepted me as one of his Facebook friends.

Now, if he didn’t actually read the stuff people post on his Facebook page, that last bit wouldn’t really mean much, but he does read it…and, as a result, we were able to slip into a spontaneous bit of comedy based on this posting I made last night:

I am currently genuflecting toward Aaron Paul, who has found a few minutes in his schedule to chat with me tomorrow. At last, we have a chance to further discuss the subtle nuances in your portrayal of the character of Wasted Guy in the first “Van Wilder” film. And probably a bit about “Breaking Bad,” too. If there’s time.

As you’ll hear at the beginning, I’d have to say that if there’s a D, it’s that he seems legitimately sympathetic about the fact that I just had two wisdom teeth extracted. But stay tuned beyond that to get the payoff.

A Few Words on “Wasted Guy”

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    no puede ser mas lindo!!!!!!!! esa mirada por dios!!!

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