Mike Ehrmantraut is dead, long live Jonathan Banks

As you likely already know if you frequent this blog on anything even remotely resembling a regular basis, Jonathan Banks is basically just as awesome as the characters he plays, and he proved it handily when he gave my daughter the chance to interview him in the midst of the chat we were having for the Onion AV Club. Funnily enough, though, while he and I clearly built a bit of a bond as a result of his conversation with Ally, we’d never actually met until earlier this month, when he attended the Television Critics Association Awards with some of his fellow Breaking Bad cast and crew members.

I was giddy when I spotted him at the event, and I strolled over and said, “You and I have never met, but you’ve chatted with my daughter…”

His jaw dropped, and he said, “Son of a bitch.” Then a smile appeared on his face, he stuck out his hand, and he said, “How are you, brother? And how’s that little girl of yours doing? Oh, man, it is so good to finally meet you. Is your wife here? I need to say ‘hello’ to her, too!”

Yep. Jonathan Banks is awesome. Indeed, he’s so awesome that, although I couldn’t imagine he wouldn’t be up for doing a quick interview in the wake of Mike’s storyline coming to a conclusion, I still felt obliged to go through the proper channels to chat with him. As such, I sent a formal request to his manager, even as I admitted, “I realize there’s a pretty strong chance that he’s just going to say, ‘Well, if he knows how to get in touch with me, then tell him to get in touch with me, for chrissakes, but even so.”

Within 24 hours, I had a direct email from Mr. Banks, simply saying, “Call anytime.” And when I asked if he had a preferred time, explaining that I’d have an empty house from 8:30 AM EST onward because of my wife and daughter heading out to get their hair done, he said to call him at 8:30 AM EST…which was a little surprising, given that I knew he lived in California, but damned if he didn’t answer the phone right away.

Want to read the interview…? Just head over to Bullz-Eye.

(By the way, if you happened to have come by at some earlier juncture and found the entire interview here rather than at Bullz-Eye, you weren’t imagining things. This is certifiably the first time I’ve ever posted an interview on my blog and had someone say, “Uh, hey, you know, we’d actually pay you for that piece.” It pleases me greatly.)

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2 Responses to Mike Ehrmantraut is dead, long live Jonathan Banks

  1. Jamey says:

    Great stuff, Will, as usual. Such an emotional episode for the viewers — I can only imagine how emotional it was for everyone on set. Thanks for giving us such a great character, Jonathan!

  2. Come on dude, don’t give spoilers out like that. I haven’t gotten that far in Breaking Bad man.

    I’m really unhappy now

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