Rick Gonzalez of “Reaper” on Spielberg, Cruise, and Gaga


In the very near future, I’m going to be posting a piece over at Popdose.com about the Reaper reunion special that’s going to be airing on FEARnet on Tuesday, May 28. ‘Til then, though, here’s a non-Reaper nugget or two from my chat with Rick Gonzalez, who played Ben on the show. The first one was a specific request from a reader, but the other was all mine. Enjoy!

Rick Gonzales on War of the Worlds

It was surreal. Actually, I was numb to it at first. When I got the job, I got it really quick, and I didn’t think anything of it. And then once they put me in the van and I got to the set, that’s when everything crashed on me and I just realized, “I’m going to work with the guy who did E.T.!”  [Laughs.]


And, y’know, I was and I still am a huge Tom Cruise fan, and it was the same thing. I was actually in awe of how very respectful and how talented and just how, for example, Tom would, in between takes, just talk to, like, an older lady who lived across the street, and he’d have a 20-minute conversation about why she lived there, who she lived with, and…it was just really cool stuff. I was, like, “Wow, that’s so humbling.” I was just awed with how they made a $200 million dollar movie feel like an independent film. It was crazy.

Rick Gonzales on playing Jesus for Lady Gaga

Amen. [Laughs.] Amen to that. It was pretty random. Very random. But they’d seen the glow and….no, I’m kidding! It was fun, man. I had no idea she knew who I was. I was shocked when my manager said, “Gaga wants you for Jesus.” I didn’t know what to be shocked about first: that Gaga knew who I was or that they wanted me to play Jesus. It was just really crazy. But it was fun, and she was great. She’s a sweet girl. She’s a New Yorker to the bone, and I’m from New York, so we just hit it off.

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  1. Garry Trudeau says:

    Hey, Will, thanks for the Killer App post. I’d forgotten a great deal of what happened, in the way one does to move on from a big disappointment. How nice to learn that Stephen and Jamie have such fond recollections of the project. They both gave us wonderful performances, but in fairness to Fox, I’m not sure the pilot quite worked. My biggest regret was turning down TBS, which early on offered us a full season — without a pilot! I was an idiot.
    Garry Trudeau

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