Listing Slightly: Kirk Waldrop’s Nine (Times Blue) Favorite Monkees Songs by Michael Nesmith

I don’t spend my days and nights knee-deep in music like I used to, but as someone who found some semblance of musical nirvana the day I first discovered a Not Lame Records catalog, even switching my predominant writing topic from music to TV hasn’t been enough to prevent me from always keeping at least one ear open to new bands spreading the gospel of power pop. As such, when my longtime virtual acquaintance Kirk Waldrop dropped me a line and asked if I’d be up for checking out the new Nine Times Blue album, Falling Slowly, I hesitated for a moment, not knowing where I’d be able to give the record any press, but then I realized, “Hey, wait, I’ve got a website!” It’s amazing how often I forget that.

Then again, maybe it isn’t all that amazing, given how infrequently I post new material. But I’m trying to get better about it, I swear…and here’s proof.

After I gave Falling Slowly a spin and quickly fell for its polished pop/rock charms, I dropped Kirk an email and said, “Okay, I’d love to do my part to help promote this album for you, but maybe we could do something a little bit different. Given the origins of Nine Times Blue’s name, how about if you offer up a list of your favorite Monkees songs written by Michael Nesmith?” And so he has.

First, though, the important bit: please, if you would, sample some of Nine Times Blue’s Falling Slow.

Good stuff, right? Okay, now we can get to the Monkee business…

1. What Am I Doing Hangin’ ‘Round
“This one just makes me happy and is one that my daughter always puts on when she has her iPod in the car.” – Kirk Waldrop

2. You Just May Be the One

“Great melody, great bass line…and Michael Carpenter did a great cover of it years ago, though I don’t remember if it was ever released, or if it was just for fun.” – KW

3. Door Into Summer
“Just a great melody.” – KW

4. Listen To the Band
“Hands down my daughter’s favorite Papa Nez tune.” – KW

5. Love Is Only Sleeping
“Just another great example of Nez’s command of melody and how great a songwriter he was.” – KW

6. Sunny Girlfriend
“For whatever reason, when I hear this, I always think of The Smithereens’ ‘Crazy Mixed Up Kid.’” – KW

7. Papa Gene’s Blues
“How can you not smile when this song is on? He did a great version of it on the Live at the Britt FestivalKWCD.”

8. You Told Me

“To me, this was Nez plays ‘Taxman.’” – KW

9. Salesman

“Great opening song to one of my fave Monkees albums.” – KW

Honorable Mention (Mike wrote ‘em and produced ‘em, but left the vocalizing to Micky):
The Girl I Knew Somewhere
Mary Mary

And, now, your Obligatory Closing Plug:

You can pick up your copy of Nine Times Blue’s new album, Falling Slowly, by clicking right here.

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