A Friday Flashback with the Furs

Just a quick one before I go to bed, as it’s already after 2 AM EST, but Jenn, Ally, and I went to see the Tom Tom Club and the Psychedelic Furs perform a free show at the 31st Street Stage in Virginia Beach. As I posted on Facebook earlier in the evening, I couldn’t believe it: I took my six-year-old daughter to see one of the seminal post-punk / new wave bands, and what does she do…? She falls asleep right after “Love My Way.” In her defense, though, she knew she was getting sleepy, saying, “Tell me when they play ‘Pretty in Pink,'” which earned her a wake-up call when the song came on. I don’t know if she’ll remember us dancing to the song or not, but it’s certainly a memory I’ll cherish.

All told, it was a great show, even if it felt like it ended somewhat anticlimactically (I didn’t readily recognize the last song they played), but as much as I enjoy the greatest-hits sets they tend to play nowadays, I really wish they’d slip in some of the later material. It’s like their set lists don’t go any farther back than “Heartbreak Beat.” Great song, but how about a couple of these numbers?

* “House,” from 1989’s Book of Days

* “Until She Comes,” from 1991’s World Outside

* “Alive (For Once in My Lifetime),” the lone studio track from 2001’s Beautiful Chaos: Greatest Hits Live…which, as it happens, is also the last time we’ve gotten a studio track from the band

I’ve got to tell you, though, that even as much as I always love to go see the Furs when they come ’round, it’s gotten to a point where I’m pretty freaking frustrated with them.

I mean, if you can spend that much time on the road, surely you can spare a bit of time to step back into the studio and record a few new songs. Richard Butler’s solo albums are all fine and well (and Love Spit Love was awesome, just for the record), but, hell, it’s reached a point where we’ve gone more than half a decade without getting any sort of outsider endeavor from him, either.

As long as I’m flashing back, I’ll go ahead and wrap up by offering a link to the last time I had a conversation with Mr. Butler, which was in 2006. If you’re doing the math, then you’ve probably already guessed that we were chatting in conjunction with the release of his then-new solo album (Richard Butler). He and I had done an interview about five years prior, and Jenn and I were fortunate enough to meet him when the Furs played the Boathouse in 2001, but while it quickly became evident that he had precious little recollection of our previous interactions, he was still quite a lovely gentleman. I wish we’d gotten a bit more in-depth in our discussion, though. I’ve no idea why it was so light and fluffy. Oh, well, here it is, anyway…

A Chat with Richard Butler

And with that, I bid you good night…or good morning. One or the other. Either way, given the topic at hand, there seems no better song to wrap with…

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